Katrina Kaif’s interview from the latest issue of Verve


Katrina Kaif is among the top notch stars of Bollywood. She is currently working with the best in the industry, on films such as Bang Bang & Dhoom 3. However, she is in heart, the simple girl who comes from a family of seven sisters. Katrina who featured on the Verve Cover recently, opens up to magazine about her family life, her fashion sense, Salman Khan and more.

On Family Life

Last year was significant because one of my sisters had a baby and two of them got engaged. We are seven sisters in all. It is a family driven by women. Not having a father around built in me a sense of responsibility. I feel that I have to care for and provide for anything that my family needs. And I have learnt a lot from my mother. She has always believed that you cannot judge anyone personally. I have learnt that lesson from her.

On her personal life

My life is not entertainment. I will never accept criticism of my personal life. In my role as an entertainer, people have a right to judge me but the criticism should stop there. How can people write personal comments about you are your personal lives? Nobody except the people involved or your family know that has actually happened. I will never judge another person about his personal life. I will judge people on their work.

On Salman

In my entire life – all the years I’ve been in this universe – without a shadow of doubt, Salman has been the person who has definitely had the greatest influence on me. I wouldn’t specify his influence in terms of this or that. It is just that we became friends and I got to know his family when I was 17. And due to the time that those years had in my life and the fact that it was the early stage of my career, he influenced me a lot. He is a very strong person and has a lot of opinions and interesting view and outlook in life.

On Fashion

I wear what I’m most comfortable in. I dress up when I have to be glamorous. But I think people should be observing me and not my clothes. I am not a fashion leader. I’m not supposed to be wearing the latest trends”. “Its my job to look presentable and nice but that does not mean I have to make a fashion statement every time I step out of the house.

To read the whole interview grab the latest issue of Verve.

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