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Special 26 ReviewsSpecial Chabbis a Bollywood heist drama film directed by Neeraj Pandey of A Wednesday fame. The film stars Akshay Kumar and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles with Jimmy Shergill, Manoj Bajpai and Anupam Kher in supporting roles. The film is based on a real life group of con artists who pulled off many clever robberies during 1980′s, and robbed famous businessmen and politicians by pretending to be the CBI or Income tax officers, on the pretext of conducting raids they would take away all the black money hoarded by them, the film also takes its concept from the real-life daring heist dated 19-March-1987 where the same group posing as CBI officers executed a daylight income tax raid on the Opera House branch of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri in Mumbai, and disappeared with jewellery worth lakhs. The movie is set in the early 1980′s.

Bollywood Hungama | Taran Adarsh

SPECIAL 26 encompasses three startling cases that sent a shiver down the spine of many a businessman in the 1980s. What makes the film tick is the manner in which Neeraj Pandey integrates these episodes in a sequence and develops a clever cat and mouse saga between law breakers and law enforcers. Like A WEDNESDAY, SPECIAL 26 also sets you thinking, but the motive this time is not to convey any message or make any social statement. The intention is crystal clear: Make an entertainer with a refreshingly different premise, which is a 360-degree transition from the customary masala fare. Yet, it’s sharp, intelligent and thoroughly enjoyable.

The Times Of India | Madhureeta Mukherjee

Inspired by a real incident, Neeraj Pandey cuts to the chor-police chase and weaves an intelligent, mind-racing thriller, keeping you tightly strapped to your seats. It captures the 80′s era beautifully; and the cinematography ( Bobby Singh) is a cut above (special mention: scenes in Connaught Place, Delhi, and Kolkata streets). The powerful background score enthuses the pace. The only place he loses momentum is the romantic track and dance number, kinda unwarranted, we must say.

NDTVMovies | Saibal Chatterjee

The build-up is steady and the cat-and-mouse game that the real CBI men play with the fake ones assumes increasing urgency as the film hurtles towards the final flashpoint – an audacious sortie on a high-end jewellery store in Mumbai

Koimoi | Roshni Devi

Neeraj Pandey takes a very interesting plot with a game of cat-and-mouse, minus the muscle. It’s a battle of cerebral levels with a determined cop out to catch a super-smart thief. The climax is bound to take you by surprise even though it does have a few loopholes. What the film needed was the cop and the thief to be nipping at each others’ heels than just one final showdown. We are only shown Ajay hijack 2 offices before he decides to throw in the towel. Maybe if the marriage and item number were excluded…

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