Lyrics – song ‘Chor Bazaari’ from the movie Love Aaj Kal (2009)

Movie – Love Aaj Kal (2009)
Cast – Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Neetu Singh, Rishi Kapoor, Rahul Khanna, Vir Das
Director – Imtiaz Ali
Music Director – Pritam
Song – ‘Chor Bazaari’
Lyrics – Irshad Kaamil
Singer - Neeraj Sridhar & Sunidhi Chauhan

chori bazari do naino ki
pehle thi aadat jo hat gayi
pyaar ki jo teri meri
umar aayi thi woh kat gayi
duniya ki toh fikar kaha thi
teri bhi ab chinta ghat gayi

tu bhi tu hai
main bhi main hoon
duniya saari dekh dekh ulat gayi
tu na jaane main na jaanu
kaise saari baat palat gayi

ghatni hi thi yeh bhi ghatna
ghatte ghatte lo yeh ghat gayi
haan… chor bazari do naino ki
pehle thi aadat jo hat gayi

tareef teri karna haan…
tujhe khone se darna haan….
haan.. bhool gaya ab
tujhpe din mein char dafaa marna

tareef teri karna haan…
tujhe khone se darna haan….
haan.. bhool gaya ab
tujhpe din mein char dafaa marna

pyaar hamari utree saari
waadon ki badli bhi chhat gayi
hum se main pe aayi aise
mujhko toh main hi main ratt gayi
ek huey they do se dono
dono ki ab rahein bant gayi

ab koi fikar nahi
gham ka bhi
zikar nahi haan…
hota hoon main jis raate pe
aaye khushi wahi….
azaad hoon main tujhse
azad hai tu mujhse
jo bhi chahe jaise chahe
kar le aaj yahin

laaj sharam ki…
choti moti jo thi dori woh bhi kat gayi
chowk choubare gali mohalle
khol ke main saare ghoonghat gayee
tu na badli main na badla
delhi saari dekh badal gayi

ek ghoont mein duniya dari
ki main saari samjh nigal gayi
haan.. rang biranga paani peeke
seedhi saadi kudi bigaad gayi
dekh ke mujhko hasta gaata
sad gayi yeh duniya sad gayi

54 thoughts on “Lyrics – song ‘Chor Bazaari’ from the movie Love Aaj Kal (2009)

  1. ankita

    i really wanted to watch the movie but i couldn’t. it will release on july 31 but i am going to india on august 1. by the way i am not allowed to watch the movie. i love the movie


  2. chand

    I wonder how some one can be so happy after listening to such a sad thing about life, are you guys just listening to beats only? Concentrate on words “pyaar ki jo teri meri umar aayi thi woh kat gayi” and “ek huey they do se dono, dono ki ab rahein bant gayi” where its all about lost love and time. I feel its one sad song sung in masti which makes you ignore the sadness.

  3. monika


  4. Anisha

    Well the beats of the song are nice undoubtedly but the lyrics i must say are really sad.. love is loosing its real meaning.. movie too is not so good, break-up party part was disgusting.. how can anyone have a break-up party??

  5. BT

    Why can’t someone have a break up party?? It’s not disgusting if ur having a fling or something – in this case it wasn’t a fling it was real love – but the break up party wasn’t disgusting – it was just misguided..

    i love this song – it’s like bittersweet

    if someone has a proper english translation i’d love to see it!

  6. shristi ghimire

    its just awesome . its a fantastic movie telling that they fall in love but cant keep it for long lasting n 90%of people do like this but at the end the result is arrange marriage

  7. NANI

    C’mon guys leave abt da meaning & movie da song is gr8 isnt it?I juzzz luv’d saif in dis song.He was cute!And dis is my most fav song!!!!!!!!

  8. Aanchal

    This was a fantastic “eff you” type of song. And the concept of a happy break up is really cool. Why do breakups always have to be sad? If you’re out of a crappy relationship by mutual consent, well that’s just great you know!


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