Lyrics on demand – English translation of the song ‘Kahin To Hogi Wo’ from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Movie – Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na
Cast – Imraan Khan, Genelia Dsouza, Ratna Pathak, Naseruddin Shah, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Arshad Warsi, Paresh Rawal, Manjari Phadnis
Director – Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director – A R Rahman
Song – ‘Kahin To…’
Lyrics – Abbas Tyrewala
Singer – Rashid Ali, Vasundhara das

Tadka reader Emaan requested the English translation of the song ‘Kahin To…’ from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na… Enjoy Emaan :)

kahin to,
kahin to,
hogi woh
(it must be…)
duniya, jahaan tu mere saath hai
(the world, where you’ll be with me…)
jahaan main, jahaan tu,
(where me, and where you…)
aur jahaan
(… and where…)
bas tere mere jazbaat hain
(… only the feelings of our love reign supreme…)

hogi jahaan subah teri
(where my morning will have a sunrise…)
palkon ki kirnon mein
(… with the rays from your eyes on me…)
lori jahaan chaand ki
(and lullabies of the moon…)
sune teri baahon mein…
(…I’ll get to hear in your arms…)

jaane na kahan woh duniya hai
(dunno where that world lies…)
jaane na woh hai bhi ya nahin
(dunno if it even exists or not…)
jahaan meri zindagi mujhse
(where my life wouldn’t be…)
itni khafa nahin…
(…so upset with me myself…)

jaane na kahan woh duniya hai
jaane na woh hai bhi ya nahin
jahaan meri zindagi mujhse
itni khafa nahin…

saansein kho gayi hai kiski aahon mein…
(the breaths are lost waiting for someone…)
main kho gayi hoon jaane kiski baahon mein…
(dunno whose embrace has got me all lost in dreams…)
manzilon se raahein dhoondti chali….
(that now I am in search of ways from my destinations…)
aur kho gayi hai manzil kahin raahon mein
(while the destination itself seems to be lost in the tracks)

kahin to, kahin to…
(somewhere.. omewhere…)
hai nasha teri meri har mulaqat mein
(our meetings get us into a high of love…)
hothon se, hothon ko
(with the lips, with our lips…)
choomte… rehte hain hum har baat pe
(we kiss each other through the words we exchange…)

kehti hai fiza jahaan
(the wind tells me about…)
tere zameen-asmaan
(… an earth and a sky…)
jahaan hai tu meri hassi
(where you become my laughter…)
meri khushi meri jaan…
(… and my happiness and my life…)

jaane na kahaan woh duniya hai
jaane na woh bhi ya nahin
jahaan meri zindagi mujh se
itni khafa nahin…

jaane na kahaan woh duniya hai
jaane na woh bhi ya nahin
jahaan meri zindagi mujh se
itni khafa nahin…

35 thoughts on “Lyrics on demand – English translation of the song ‘Kahin To Hogi Wo’ from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”

  1. Tis is one of d most emotional song i hve evr heard………
    I dnt knw why bt wen i heard tis sng i cried a lot……..Maybe

  2. If u realy wnt to knw d meaning of love thn u shld hear tis song………..
    and i mst say……….
    THÏ$ $ÔÑG RØÇK$!!!!

  3. this song really melts my hurt when i first heard it…this is a very nice song…hope to hear an english version of this one….

  4. I love this song.. thanks for the translation =)i love everything abt this song.. the music, lyrics nd how the singers has sung! well done!

  5. can you please send the lyrics of


    the song is in english but i cudn’t find its lyrics newhr

    wud b grateful if u can post it..


  6. Thanks for translation this an amazing song. Now I know about it is, very sensual lyrics. “Kahin to hogi woh” touched my heart very much.

    Now I’m dreaming about release “Jaane tu…ya jaane na” in Poland.

  7. wonderful translation, great job done. And this song has to rate right up there with some of the best slow, romantic numbers.

  8. Yes! This song really is amazing.. I didn’t know the meaning when I first heard it but I still found it so beautiful and so I came here to find out what it means AND… now I’m sooo in love with this song even more.. It really is the best song! soooo goood! I wish I had written it lol.. but I praise the dude who wrote it and the band who played it and the singer! Loved everything about this song.. God bless them!

  9. super! now I understand the song as well :-)

    just on Q:
    itni khafa nahin…
    (…so upset with me myself…)
    should that not be “don’t be angry so much”?

    Can anyone verify the translation to be really correct? In english, this may give a complete different meaning though ;-)
    THX very much if someone helps.

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  12. woww!!great translation..i was waiting for this..just love the song..its one of the best love songs:)

  13. wow!! amazing song, i still cant stop crying…
    great job, i totally love the lyrics.. it touched the bottom of my heart. <3

  14. oh!!! what can I say….this song is release long ago but I can’t help listening to this song..just love it!!!

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